Salt Traders Coastal Cooking is a home for the team behind Jack Allen’s Kitchen to offer the best of land and sea.  The space, the food and the drinks are inspired by our coastal travels — bits of nostalgia spent with family and friends brought to your table. From the Gulf Coast to the Bahamas and back up to the East Coast, we’ve modeled our menu after our most memorable meals eaten by the sea. 


Our restaurant is seafood-centric, coastal cooking with an equal amounts of concentration on the surf as on the local Texas turf. Our seafood is sourced sustainably from the best vendors all along the American coastline, with special attention paid to our friends on the Gulf. We really, really love to fish – a’hem, catch. And in an effort to preserve our coastline and its marine life, we’ve partnered with the forward-thinking folks at the Coastal Conservancy Association, who are working to do just that. 

Our Team

Chef/Co-Owner: Jack Gilmore
Co-Owner: Tom Kamm
General Manager: Parker Richardson
Culinary Director: Chris Ten Eyck
Chef: Tom Rummel
Pastry Chef: Courtney Franke
Beverage Director: David Toby
Banquets Coordinator: Kenny Ishler

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