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since 2016

Salt Traders Coastal Cooking is the surfside home for the team behind
Jack Allen’s Kitchen, and we offer the best of land & sea we can dream up. The ambiance, the food, and the drinks are all inspired by our coastal travels — bits of nostalgia spent with family & friends that we thought are too good not to share.

From the Gulf Coast to the Bahamas and back up to the East Coast, we’ve modeled our menus after our most memorable meals eaten near the sea. Our seafood is sustainably sourced from our most-trusted vendors along the American coastline, with special attention paid to our friends on the Gulf.

Fresh Everyday

Seafood directly from the source. Our trusted vendors only ship us the freshest catch of the day from the East, West and Gulf Coasts.

Come In And

Stay A While

At Salt Traders we encourage you to get comfortable and celebrate—whether it’s a special night or it’s just a Wednesday. The bustling bar and the warm and welcoming dining rooms are designed to remind our guests of the sea. Our friendly and knowledgeable crew truly enjoy telling guests about the exciting items on the menu and the special’s available that day. Our Chef’s work hard each night to create memorable dishes that you can’t find anywhere else in town. Every night is different so be sure to check out our Chalkboard specials at each location.

Salt Traders Dining Room - Full With Customers Eating Tasty Food
Here for the


Cultivating a healthy community through charity and comforting food is part of our culture. Our team could not do what we do without the help of our fishermen, oyster purveyors, wineries and more. And we will always make an effort to help them out, no matter how big or small. Our restaurant partners with local charities and serves the community through fundraising and volunteering. We are proud to support our veterans and teachers, and those who are hungry and the hard-working people with whom we work side-by-side every day. Our restaurant also dedicates time and resources to what matters to our loyal guests: sponsoring sports and contributing to the arts, local event participation, donating thousands of dollars in Salt Traders Coastal Cooking food to charities and more.

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We hire great people and are committed to their development by providing not only a great employee & guest experience but a company culture that embraces its team and partners. We believe in consistent daily execution in our menu, in our service and in our everyday guest standards. We also believe in getting our staff involved when giving back to our community.

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